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I’m Mickey Sherman. I have been practicing law for more than 45 years, handling several high-profile cases and frequently commenting for broadcast news programs on criminal law and cases in the media. I receive questions frequently about my practice and the best way to win a case. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions I receive and their answers.

Are there any cases you will not take?

I have always truly believed that every person deserves top-notch representation in the criminal justice system. This belief was only made stronger after my own personal issues with the law. Thus, I will generally take any type of case, unless I have a personal or professional conflict with the crime or the alleged offender.

Do you represent people when they are guilty?

Over the course of my career, I have represented many clients who I believed were guilty — some even told me so. However, every person deserves their day in court. I’m not the judge, and I’m not the jury. Even if you tell me you are guilty, I will work my hardest to let you walk out of that courtroom with little or no impact to your life. That’s my job.

The evidence is really stacked against me. Why should I bother to hire a criminal defense lawyer?

First, you may think the evidence is stacked against you, but you should know that law enforcement or the prosecutor may be exaggerating. Also, it is important to remember that in any criminal matter, there is no such thing as a slam dunk case. This is particularly true in a trial: Look at O.J. Simpson, Robert Blake, Michael Jackson.

No matter what you are accused of, or if you are guilty, you should always hire an attorney.

How will I be able to afford your services?

Because I work with the media so much, and I have represented high-profile clients, people often think that my services are unattainable in terms of price. However, because I believe that every person should have access to great legal care, I do my best to work with my clients’ budgets. It is important also to remember that while legal fees may seem high, they are worth it to potentially avoid prison. I like to say, “I charge a reasonable fee for a reasonable doubt.”

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Despite the fact that my career has often been in the media spotlight, I still consider myself a nuts-and-bolts criminal defense attorney. Throughout my career, I have defended clients accused of nearly any offense. To speak with me, call Law Offices of Mickey Sherman at 203-912-0325 today, or send me a message through my online contact form. My office is located in Greenwich, and I also defend clients throughout Connecticut.