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Even if you are arrested and released without charges, or the charges are later dismissed, you will have a public record. If you are convicted of a misdemeanor or felony and sentenced to court supervision or placed on probation, your case will remain part of the public record, even if you have completed your sentence satisfactorily.

A prior arrest or conviction on a criminal charge can prevent you from obtaining a job, renting an apartment or being accepted at certain schools and colleges. Fortunately, remedies exist for many people in this situation.

In Connecticut, your criminal records can be erased or expunged. The record is physically destroyed, and no one, not even law enforcement officials, will ever see it. You can legally say that you do not have a criminal record.

Clear Your Criminal Record

“Erasing” a criminal record means it will not show up on a background check. An employer or prospective employer cannot find out about any erased charges, arrests or convictions. Only certain types of records can be erased, however, including incidents in which:

  • You were found not guilty.
  • Your case was dismissed or thrown out.
  • Your case was “nolled” at least 13 months ago.
  • Your case was put on hold at least 13 months ago, and you finished an “accelerated rehabilitation program.”
  • You were a “youthful offender,” and you were not convicted of a felony before you turned 21.

If your records cannot be erased under the rules above, you may apply for what is called an “expungement pardon.” If you qualify, your entire criminal history will be erased. Expungement pardons are available three years after dispensation for misdemeanor convictions and five years after dispensation following felony convictions.

Meet With A Greenwich Expungement Attorney

Don’t allow a previous conviction to impede future progress. I welcome the opportunity to evaluate your situation and explain your options. Expungement can be a complicated process, but it usually does not require your appearance in court.

The Law Offices of Mickey Sherman will handle the paperwork, filings and follow-up to make sure your petition is granted. An experienced expungement lawyer will help you get it right, get it done and get on with your life.

If you are wondering whether you are eligible for expungement, call 203-912-0325 or email me to schedule a free consultation.