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Greenwich/Stamford DUI Defense Lawyer

A first-time drunk driving conviction in Connecticut will absolutely result in a suspended license and almost certainly will result in a significant jump in auto insurance rates. A first-time DUI conviction also exposes you to a six-month jail sentence. Those are good reasons to retain the services of a lawyer who will carefully review every aspect of your DUI arrest and not hesitate to go to trial if it is in your best interest.

Too many lawyers fail to fully represent their clients, opting instead to quickly agree to a plea “deal” or merely lead them through the criminal justice system and collect a paycheck at the end.

Recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions have changed the landscape of DWI defense. I am committed to staying current with changes in the law that may improve the outcome of your case dramatically.

At the Law Offices of Mickey Sherman in Greenwich, Connecticut, I review every aspect of your DUI arrest to determine if there is a good reason to fight the charge – and many times, there is. Even veteran police officers have violated individuals’ constitutional rights during DWI arrests. These violations may be enough to have charges reduced or dismissed.

Under Connecticut law, if you hold a commercial driver’s license, it is illegal to drive a commercial vehicle with blood alcohol content of .04 percent or above, which is half of the legal limit (.08 percent) for all drivers above the age of 21. A DUI conviction in these cases would likely result in the loss of your job and suspension of your license.

DUI-Related Death

If someone is killed or seriously injured in your DUI incident, you may face charges of manslaughter or assault in the second degree. These are felony charges that usually result in significant jail sentences. It is critical in these situations to be represented by an attorney who has the experience and fortitude to take these tough DUI cases to trial.

The second legal proceeding in every DUI case is an administrative license suspension hearing at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The Connecticut DMV is in charge of all license suspensions. This is separate from the criminal charge, but I can handle both sides of your case. It is possible to win your DMV suspension hearing even if you are convicted of DUI in criminal court.

If you face DUI charges, retaining the services of an experienced Greenwich DUI defense attorney who has the proven ability to go to trial and win is your smartest move. Call 203-912-0325 or email me to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.