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Greenwich/Stamford Domestic Violence Attorney

In response to growing public awareness of the severity of domestic abuse, Connecticut lawmakers have enacted tougher laws over the years and police have become more proactive in making arrests.

While that is a positive thing for true victims of domestic violence, it has also resulted in a large number of domestic violence arrests that are a gross overreaction to simple marital spats in which there was no violence or actual threat to one or both parties.

If you are arrested for any activity that remotely resembles "domestic violence," you are presumed to be dangerous and are often immediately ordered out of your home. Any weapons you possess are taken and you must appear in court THE VERY NEXT MORNING! The arrest is published in the newspaper and related Internet news sources. The prospects of reconciliation with your partner are actually frustrated and diminished by the court machinery that seems to add fuel to the fire rather than promote harmony in the household. The stigma of being a "wife beater" attaches within hours. You need a lawyer who can work with all of the appropriate prosecutors and domestic violence agencies.

A domestic assault conviction can result in losing your right to keep and bear firearms. With so much at stake, you want an experienced trial attorney fighting for your rights.

If you face domestic abuse charges, it is important that you are represented by an experienced Greenwich domestic violence attorney who can take your case to trial if necessary and who will also be vigilant in dealing with undue influence of victims' advocates who, with good intentions, use a sledge hammer to kill a fly.

Violation Of Protective Order

I am criminal defense attorney Mickey Sherman, and I understand the nuances that differentiate a true act of domestic violence from an argument that may have escalated. I know how to make these points clear so that false or exaggerated accusations do not result in a criminal conviction that will negatively impact you for the rest of your life.

The court moves quickly in domestic abuse cases. It is important to contact me as soon as possible in order to stay out in front of the charges against you.

My aim is to get the charges dismissed and keep your record clean. I work to get you in and out of the courthouse as quickly as possible with the least amount of damage to your marriage and your reputation. If there is a need to go to trial, however, I am always prepared to do so.

In some cases, the best resolution is agreeing to completion of a diversionary program such as an anger management class in lieu of a jail sentence and a criminal record. I will make you aware of all of the options available to you.

Committed To Minimizing The Impact Of Spousal Abuse Charges

The other aspect in some domestic abuse cases is dealing with protective orders that prevent you from returning to your home and seeing your children. Violation of a protective order is a criminal offense that is punishable by jail time and a significant fine.

It is critical to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can lead you through the proper steps for handling domestic violence charges.

Call or email me to schedule a free consultation. I will review the facts of your case and recommend the best course of action.